Day after Day

January 12, 2008
Day after Day.
Night after night.
Always to remember that one tragic fight.

He said he would do it.
She didn't think he would.
But then that night came,
and she realized he could.

Please don't leave me, he cried.
He begged her to stay.
Now she prays to God,
that it would have happened that way.

And as she looks at his face,
now so cold and unreal.
She realizes she will never again,
know how to truly feel.

And when the wind blows,
and the stars shine bright.
Memories of him will flood her mind,
and she'll never see the light.

He's gone forever.
No more kisses to be had.
Pain felt forever.
Eternally sad.

But one night she couldn't take it,
as she put the barrel to her head.
And with one last prayer to God,
she joined the dead.

Day after day.
Night after night.
She'll never again have to remember,
that one tragic fight.

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