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Man of My Dreams

I don't ask for much out of life;
Just to grow up, be normal, become a mother and wife.
Can't I have something good, like a man who loves me for me?
Can't I do something successful and be what I want to be?
I wanna man that (when he holds me) makes me feel like I'm wrapped in the arms of an angel.
I wanna man that makes me melt when our bodies are entangled.
I wanna man that makes me feel like no one else is there;
I wanna man that makes me weak when he runs his fingers through my hair.
I wanna man that makes me fall in love more with each and every kiss.
I wanna man that loves to cook,
He's got his brains, but got his looks.
I wanna man that loves to paint;
'Cause an artist is one thing that I ain't.
I wanna man that tells me "I love you" about a thousand times a day;
I wanna a man that never knows what I'm gonna say.
I wanna man that's not afraid to cry;
I wanna man that cherishes every day that goes by.
I wanna man that loves me, I wanna man that makes me laugh;
This is only the man of my dreams.
My heart is empty, 'cause he has the other half.
I have to fight my feelings, I have to resist...
Because you can't fall in love with someone who doesn't exist.

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