Close Your Eyes and Trust

January 12, 2008
it’s like when you're a little kid
and you close your eyes and fall backwards,
praying that your friend behind you will catch you like they promised.
they are there with open arms.

the thing is,
they get

or step back to be funny,
or just want to see you fall.

then, later, as you're icing the bump on the back of your head
and nursing your dignity back to health,
they always seem to want to play again.

but then there's the other times when your friend tells you to catch them,
but you're still hurting about the time they let you fall.
the band-aid is still on your elbow,
and the headache will come back if you don’t take your asprin.

its those times when you can choose to "take the high road"
and catch them anyway because you're willing to forgive.
or, you can simply let them drop.
its all about you and your choice,
your thoughts,
your opinions;
whether or not you'll let yourself be jaded.

will you forgive?
will you trust?
will you love?

Catch me.

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