June 6, 2011
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A lesson life has taught me
Is to always keep my heart completely empty
Feelings are felt by the weak
And someone to care for isn't someone to seek
Secrets are held for a reason
And to betray them is treason
In a drunken state of mind
I let you see a part of me you weren't supposed to find
Alcohol used to control me, it was what I was about
Life finally led me down a different route
I claimed my freedom
And crowned myself king, the world is my kingdom
But the past was too hard to forget
I was too scared of feeling regret
My new lease on life came two days too late
So I missed out on my lucky chance, my most fortunate fate
Now I'm faced with a morose situation
I'm overcome by a numbing sensation
This profound silence takes over as I realize
That I just lost the greatest prize
I'm left with these could-have-been memories
Now I've got to watch them go with the breeze
I fell for your smile
But the language I speak is that of denial
I'm looking forward to December
Maybe I won't remember
Sometimes I still think it's best to be emotionless
To march through the fields of life completely painless
But when you left, you left me breathless

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