Walking Through Her

January 11, 2008
By Amanda herbert, Tonganoxie, KS

Can't you see her
Can't you see the little girl
Sitting there all alone
She looks lonley
Like she had never talked to anyone
Anyone that really cared
About what she had to say
How can they look right threw her
She's a person to me
To this pressious world
What if she went missing
Would you really care
Or would you pretend
She trys to speek but no one can hear
Like she can't
It makes her weak
The lonliness building inside
About to burst
From her already shatered soul
So now I have a question
Would you talk to her
Would you care
Would you even listen
She would only get colder
More empty by your words
Because she knows
How they are like a vast notingness
That just rips threw her like paper
Well, you know what
I'll talk to her
I can be something she never had

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