End of Heartache

January 11, 2008
As night approaches
So does your leave
Why do I feel so different?
Side by side our pains and joys shift
From morning sunrise-
It's warmth and heartening rays
To sunset-
And its inevitable bringing of solitude
Of depression
Of remorse

Why do I see so differently?
I stand alone in the vast emptiness of this wasteland.
Your presence like and aphrodisiac of joy
Your absence the fuelof my loneliness and regret
The affirmation of your existence-
The bloom of my life
The concession of your egression from my side-
The razor pressed against the throat of my delirium.

Sunset approaches-
Why can't I see you as I did before?
Catching you with the corner of my eye
Enough to arouse past memories
But memories is all that i see now
You did something to me
Days, months, years and decades went by
And the scar you left me has yet to fade away
The injury, pain, misery, anguish and pity you left me with
In that deep, crimson rupture you dealt me
Caused a wound that-
Not even Death's cold and embracing touch
could never heal

Well, f*** you
Sunset has arrived
And its illuminating rays
Break down the memories unwanted
These are the last dying seconds of what you meant to me
This is the eradication of my pains, my pain killer, my departure
This is the End of Heartache.

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