When There is No Hope

January 11, 2008
By lob92 BRONZE, Baton Rouge, Louisiana
lob92 BRONZE, Baton Rouge, Louisiana
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Life became unbearable
Now I feel terrible
I'm so depressed
I don't want to get dressed
I'd rather stay in bed
And rest my messed up head
The world is mean
To a confused teen
They pressure you
To find out what you want to do
I thought I was ahead
But I was mislead
I wanted to be a vet
But that I can forget
Perhaps I could be a baker
I think we have a taker
But that's no good
I understood
When I baked some cookies
That tasted like a rookie's
So what is there
That I can bear
And be able to handle
But not dismantle
With regret
And fret
Of self-doubt
That's sure to come about
So now I feel stuck
In a world of muck
If I commit suicide
I'll be disqualified
To live eternally
And worry free
And if I stay here
It brings me fear
For I cannot give from my hands
What the world demands
I take anti-depressants
But they're unpleasant
For it reminds me of overdosing
Then waking up choking
I tried to explain
They can't heal the pain
I need more I think
Maybe a shrink
But what do I know
I'll just go with the flow
And hide my despair
Behind my thick hair

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