So and So Poem

May 5, 2011
By cohen23 BRONZE, Arlington Hts, Illinois
cohen23 BRONZE, Arlington Hts, Illinois
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It was 7 in the morning and Myra had just walked into her classroom
everyone was standing around waiting for there teacher to come.
"SIT DOWN" preached the teacher as he walked into the room
Everyone in the room sat down quickly in there seat.
It was black history month at the time, so they were learning about it in school.
Myra knew that the teacher was going to explain the project that was going to be due.
"the project we are doing is going to be a essay how Martin Luther Kings I Have a Dream speech has changed your lives" explained the teacher.
DINGG the class was now over.
So everyone got all there belongings together and left the class
As Myra and her friends were leaving the class half way down the hall Myra came to a halt
she realized that she had left her book in the class room.
"I have to go get my book i will catch up!" Myra explained as she then raced off to go get her book.
then Myra saw a puddle but it was too late to stop running
BOOM! Myra slipped and slammed her head against the hard wood floor.

Myra then woke up, and was so confused as to where she was or what happened.
Myra realized that no one was at school anymore
Then saw a door and walked out of it.
Everything looked different.
Myra had no idea what was going on.
Myra opened the door to her house
"what is going on who are you people?!' in a shocked voice
starring at these people who seemed familiar but she did not know.
The people looked at her as if she was crazy
"Myra we are your parents and siblings what are you talking about" her puzzled family asked.
Myra did not know what to do so she said "umm il just go to my room".
Myra raced to her room to find there was no laptop tv or even radio in the room.
she then found calender and realized that it was August 27, 1963
she had no idea how it happened but she had travled back in time.
Myra kept thinking to herself what to do or who to tell
but she did not want people to think she was crazy
Myra then went in her bed covered herself with the blankets and tired to fall asleep and see if when she woke up everything would be normal
Myra dozed up and woke up to find nothing had changed

Myra fell asleep, and then woke up to her parents yelling shes going to be late for school.
Myra then got ready and was rushed out the door to go to school
Then she saw her friend Sarah who she always walked to school with
Myra shouted "Sarah wait up"
the girl gave her a weird glare and quickly walked away.
Myra then ran up to Sarah and grabbed her by the arm
Sarah screamed in fear "what are you doing I cant talk to you you are black".
Myra was appalled "what are you talking about?!"
Sarah then quickly walked away
Myra just stood there so upset by what her best friend just told her

Myra then saw a crowed of people
she walked towards them
she soon realized it was Martin Luther King giving his I have a Dream speech
Myra listend to the speech and loved it
Myra realized that without this speech segregation would still be a problem.

then Myra heard familiar voices
"Myra Myra wake up"
Myra woke up and realized that it was nothing but a dream.
She then realized how important Martin Luther Kings speech really was
if it was not for him her and Sarah would not be best friends
Myra now knew exactly what her essay was going to be about.

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