Pride and Prejudice

January 11, 2008
By Sasha Pinto, Yonkers, NY

Cinnamon and Paper
Earth and Icy Blue
They all mix inside me
So I’m of a different hue

Though I’m neither black nor white
Though you may not approve
Though you may make me cry
I’ll win and you will lose

Pain won’t make me crumble
Hate won’t make me burn
But I won’t hold back my tears
‘Cause to diamonds they will turn

Crying doesn’t make me weak
It fixes all my faults
Learning from my own mistakes
Like putting money in a vault

You might think I’m a mistake
That I should’ve been thrown away
But I know you’re far from right
Closely Listen to what I say

The pain you caused will break you
Your hate will burn you to ash
And I will stand there watching
The last thing you’ll hear? My Laugh.

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