Love Always

January 11, 2008
By Kaelyn Andrie, Grand Rapids, MN

You left way too soon.
Why were you so stubborn?
You knew what you did could kill you,
but you couldn't stop.
You had two young grandchildren,
who adored you,
and I know you adored them.
Little did you know that three years later,
I would come along.
You should have been there,
your amazing wife was.
And now 18 years later,
I hear I am most like you.
How fair is that?
That the one grandchild you would've shared so much with,
never got to meet you.
We share the same passions,
or so my Mother tells me.
And I believe her.
I fell I have always know you,
I know I've always loved you.
The campground we go to in the summer,
that you helped build,
I've never told anyone this,
but I feel and see you there.
In that place,
you sit with us,
laugh an tell stories.
You are a part of us,
even if your gone.
Love Always-me

This will certify that the above work is completely original. Kaelyn Andrie

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