As the Sun Sets

May 5, 2011
There are colors of glittery gold
Flower pedals tinted magenta
Evergreen trees that stayed a deep green
The clouds are the purest of white
Nature keeps itself so alive
Like the ripples in the water so blue

The sky gleams a bright blue
The sun shines through the sky in a ray of gold
Then the sun begins to set, the colors still alive
From a vibrant orange, to a lovely magenta
Now the clouds glow a brilliant yellow, rather than white
The tips of the grass shine indigo, its base a glossy green

The royal pine trees keep to their roots as green
The sky is as delicate as a mellow blue
The tips of the waves are a glossy white
In the mist of the horizon stirs lustrous gold
The clouds leave a trail of transparent magenta
The aura of the sunset makes me feel so alive

The sunset begins to drown—could it be alive?
The grass begins to fade, no longer a mesmerizing green
The pedals of the flowers struggle to hold its beloved magenta
Darkness begins to overcome the sky’s hue of blue
The sun’s rays evaporate, imprisoning the gold
The cobalt waves surrender to the night, giving up its tips of white

The clouds that once shown the purest of white
The nature that once felt so alive
The rays of the sun that emitted gold
Night consumed it all—even the evergreen trees are losing the fight for green
The deep navy hue of the water begins to savor the dissipating blue
The clouds leave the sky, followed by its ray of magenta

The night continued on, shouting farewell to magenta
The black night finally consumed all that was once white
The water of the pond blended with the sky, not a hint of blue
But as I look closer, the sky is still alive
It may not be painted with colors like green
But there was something left, the stars in the sky, stars of the imprisoned gold

Dawn finally broke, gold and magenta rising in the sky
The evergreens were wrapped with green and the clouds returned as white
The pond began to gleam its deep blue—and perhaps, the world is alive day and night.

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Alex8 said...
Aug. 1, 2011 at 5:37 pm
aweseome!! i know writing this took forever, but i love the result!! it makes me feel all calm and relaxed, and it makes me smile:)
sunshine said...
Jun. 29, 2011 at 3:45 am
it is very good
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