My Destiny

April 14, 2011
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You're my baby sister always and forever,
Everyday I wish that we were together.
From the time I met you to the time you were taken,
A hole was filled; I was finally in the making.

I was the only one you could trust; the only one to count on,
Now you're alone; a horrid life you were thrust upon.
Never really having a mom or a dad,
Makes me wonder why the world is so bad.

You go through the pain; you live it everyday,
And I just can't be there to take the pain away.
I always wish I could see you again,
Like how it used to be when we could just pretend.

I protected you and I saved you from life's fire,
I tried to make sure you had your every desire.
I wonder where you are what you're thinking about right now,
And I'm hoping that you're making it through somehow.

I remember that Christmas two years ago,
We got the same bed set because it made us more close.
That was the last Christmas we ever had together,
Now I'm waiting until you're eighteen so we can see each other.

Through thick and thin I'm by your side,
When life is falling down just keep your head high.
I'm counting down the days until I can see you,
Remember that after a gray day the sky turns blue.

I know life is hard and everything seems all wrong,
But when you think about giving up remember why you fought for so long.
Hang in there baby girl I'll come for you soon,
You're my Destiny, I'll find you; we're under the same moon.

I'm getting your name tatooed on my chest,
"My Destiny" you're my sister: the very best.
I love you sis and I'll see you in a while,
I'll help you through life, I'll walk with you every mile.

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