In the Hallways of this High School

January 11, 2008
By Helen Chen, Columbus, OH

Scanning, Searching,
Scintillating, Smiles.
Pacing- Panting,
The clock leaves minutes behind.
Left, up,
Right, down,
The frantic herds jostle,
Just yards away,
But a feat too much.
So much to do, so little time.
Minutes melt off the clock,
Like the nectar sweet juices
Dribbling off a toddler
On a summer day.
But this is no summer paradise,
No-this is a cold, frigid asylum.
Yes, asylum.
I can smell the fear, hear the pulses, taste the sweat-beads falling much like the thunderous rain outside.
Each bead lands with a different timbre.


Many see them, like us, as the same. Even similar, but they-we are not.
We are as unique as they come, but as a mass, together we are one.

Time is Up.
Target, Fire, Boom.

Grey-Blue waters swallow me whole,
Enveloped in unity, I am tall
Taller in size and greater in strength.
Eat me, beat me, they greet me the same
“How are you” they ominously snicker?
But I- I know what this really means.
They know me
Have seem inside of me,
But how (I must wonder)… do you they know-
Surely so
There are others like me, surely, vulnerable
Like me
Running around like morbid dogs
Doing tricks for them to see.

“I am not your freak”
I want to scream.
I want to crawl into my corner forever,
But instead,
I smear on my happy face and
“I’m fine, How are you?”

I am alone.
“Good Morning” I cry
Well I feel like crying.
I hear them, but they don’t hear me.
I am truly alone.
You know they lied,
They told me everyone would think of me
As a pal, a friend,
But I am nothing to these- these creatures.
They see what they want and never me.

I am sad and alone
Why don’t they like me?
Outside I declare
They- have all gone,
But I am here.
I lay face up on the moistened soil,
I stick out my tongue to taste the rain,
But even the rain decides to ignore me.
I lay there for hours thinking to myself,
Now I know, I am truly alone.

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