I'm in love with you

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Have you ever felt like there wasn’t a star in the sky that wouldn’t shine?
Like you could let all the world know your deepest secrets and fears and it would be alright?
To have the worst day become the best most amazing time of your life just because you saw that one person?
This is what we call being completely head over heels in love.
Seems pretty silly to get hung up on just one person when the world has billions, huh?
Downright silly you could say.
Love I guess it is a silly thing.
At any given moment you could lose everything but you just have the faith that what you have will never do such a thing.
Silly and beautiful
You know, some say love is one beautiful thing but it has the power to destroy you.
So what do you do?
To fall or not to fall you must ask yourself.
Have it all or nothing?
Play it safe or risk your heart?
Giving someone the ability to destroy you but trusting that they just won’t.
You could be safe or
You could be loved
What will it be?
Risking that burning pain of heartbreak where you can’t think of them because you know they aren’t thinking of you. Its over and completely done. What do you do with yourself? The stars no longer shine.
Is keeping that risk in mind and falling something your brave enough for?
It’s a new feeling and you trust him like you’ve never trusted anyone before, but can you do it?
Are you ready?
Don’t think just feel.
Know that his hand in yours will never leave.
That his smile will always be there to comfort you.
You will never feel that pain.
Know that this is the one.
When your mom tells you its in your genes to have things like this last, believe.
Say it.
Say it and
Don’t fear the fall.
Don’t fear they won’t fall.
Never say nothing at all.
I’m in love with you.

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