Love is Dead

January 11, 2008
Love is dead, love is gone
I thought she loved me
But I was wrong
She didn’t care, she didn’t love
I thought she did
But I was wrong

I wish that you cared
I wish that you loved
If only I knew
That it wasn’t true
[End Chorus]

Hearts shattered, People Crying
I thought my heart would be okay
Heart killed, Heart destroyed
All it did was sink
Heart corrupted, Heart broken
I thought it would be okay, not anymore


Love is gone, Love is no more
I thought I wouldn’t notice but I was wrong
My heart sank, My heart dropped
I thought I wouldn’t care
My heart died, my heart rotted
If only it could get better


Love doesn’t mean a thing, Love is just a word
It won’t mean a thing to me
My heart will never be the same, my heart ripped
I thought it would but never again
Love is dead.

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