I'll let go

May 28, 2011
By mimigirl PLATINUM, Martinsville, Indiana
mimigirl PLATINUM, Martinsville, Indiana
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Favorite Quote:
"have the courage to live anyone can die"

Ill let go
Ive let you go
Ive forgotten everything we did together
I forgot how sweet you sloppy wet kisses were
I forgot how safe I felt in your arms
Ive let go of the wholeness I felt around you
I don’t care about the hole I fell in my stomach…
When I see you with her…
Tears don’t come to my eyes
I don’t lose my breath..
I don’t turn and walk the other direction because im jealous
She has you
I have no one
She gets to hold your hand
You protect her..
But ive forgotten all this
Your smile
Your eyes
Hazel with a but of gold in them…
How you laughed at the jokes I could never get right
How you used to tell me everything..

The author's comments:
I write what i feel when im happy sad anything this was a sad poem i wrote.

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