War x

May 28, 2011
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We approached the mist, our barrier. I could hear the crunching of tobacco faintly. The soldier next to me, murmuring names; his children’s names. Another kissed his cross, silently whispering a prayer, as if it were his last. I could smell the fear, it lingered in the air. As I looked around, many had slumped over their neighbour. We all must have looked like a bunch of timid mice, face to face with a group of famished cats. As we drew close to the shore, the misty curtains flung themselves wide open, preparing us for our final show.

The sound of guns firing launched into the air. We plunged into the icy depths of the sea, its cruel hands dragging us down. A brilliant red rose burst out of my friends’ chest, blending into the pure blue sea. I tried to wade up to the noise of battle, my ears deaf with the eerie silence of bubbling water. My body felt as if it had detached itself from my head. I could hear only the faint beating of my heart, and my legs struggling to propel myself upwards. The heavy rifle in my hands was dragging me down. I couldn’t drop it; my life depended on it. A pair of thick arms attached themselves to my shoulders, dragging me up to the warmth of the open air. I could breathe again.

Throughout all this insane madness, I thought of my lovely little dog, my children, and the rest of my family. I couldn’t hear; my ears were elsewhere. I could hear barking, faintly, my baby Snowy chasing the birds. (More people were going down, turning the prettiest colour of red.) My family, laughing at Snowy, as he tripped over his own feet. (The enemy approaching, coming closer to my spot.) The screams as they found the bird, lying gently under the trees. (The enemy just feet away.) They picked up the innocent war victim, sobbing gently; a heart breaking sight. (I took my final breath; my show was over, for good.)

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