May 27, 2011
By Anonymous

Sometimes we get turned around
Spin in circles until we fall
Sometimes we get flipped upside down
And feel like we lost it all

Sometimes we get mad at the people we love
Until one day it all falls apart
Sometimes we don’t listen to sounds above
And then we end up with a broken heart

Sometimes we live but don’t know why
Strive to find a reason to be here
Sometimes we break down and cry
Then smile to cover up our fear

Sometimes we hide what we feel
Until the words just come out
Sometimes we deny what is real
And then we give in to our doubts

Sometimes we feel like we don’t belong
Until we can’t fight anymore
Sometimes we think pain exists too long
Realize we need Him more then before

Sometimes we lose track of reality
Then someone brings us back
Sometimes we look past everything
Until we realize life doesn’t work like that

Sometimes we bleed out for help
Until there’s nothing left to lose
Sometimes we forget how love felt
We end up broken and bruised

At the end of it all we feel His grace
He shows us forgiveness everyday
Even if we can’t stand our face
He loves us anyway

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