Celestial Sphere

January 11, 2008
By Nicole F., Syracuse, NY

I’ve seen this menace
Do its work in my palace
My palace was beautiful
It was so peaceful
My servants were quick
Until that sphere worked its fearful magic

The Beginning
Everything must begin
Whether it’s from start to finish of a beautiful hymn
Or counting many millions of dots
Or a pair of the sun’s cyclic sunspots
Everything must start
But later it’s required to depart

The celestial sphere
Just something I fear
I’m afraid it will suck the entire universe up
Just like that – one big large huge enormous hiccup
Anything on this planet
Every atom in this world
Into the sphere, it is whirled
No more houses
No more streets
The celestial sphere
Now retreats
No more wanting
No more needing
No more pain or suffering or bleeding
No more animals
No more insects
No more school with silly subjects
No more thoughts
No more brains
It feels like a snake running through my veins

Doomed: The Ending
That’s the end
The end of the world
That’s how it ended
All went well?
Nothing more to say
Sob, sob, what a dismay
Just like this poem,
The end is near
The Earth itself has been eaten by that terrifying celestial sphere

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