Silent Screamer

May 27, 2011
By DinosaurLover SILVER, Portland, Oregon
DinosaurLover SILVER, Portland, Oregon
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You yell at the top of your lungs hoping to be heard,
But no one hears so you start to think your cursed,
With the horrible sounds that no one can hear,
All of your life you had to live in the fear,
Of who was gunna break your heart once again,
You begin to believe that everythin is a trend,
Your mouth moves but nothing comes out,
You try with all of your breath to shout,
Your lips form the words but its silent,
You start gettin mad so you become violent,
You feel unloved, ignored and all alone,
No one can hear you in your quiet tone,
All the sounds you make are silent screams,
Your tears come down in silent streams,
No one sees you or hears your voice anymore,
You are the silent screamer, alone to the core.

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