Grumbling Sound

January 11, 2008
By gary fried, Greenville, VT

I hear a quiet grumbling sound,
I wonder what it could be.
My stomach starts to grumble,
Oh No! I must be hungry.

I went into the kitchen,
To look for something to eat,
When I opened my refrigerator,
And only found pig feet.

Then I should buy some food,
I thought to myself
With the money on the shelf

There’s a deli across the street,
For me to get something to eat,

As I opened the door,
I tripped, and fell onto the floor.

I got up and started to walk,
Telling myself to walk just a block,

I walked until I met up with the stoplight,
Of course I knew what was right.

Wait for the little white man I thought,
I don’t want to get caught.

I walked into the deli,
The smell ran up my nose,
Causing an effect to my belly,
And my hunger grows.

There was so much to buy,
I couldn’t decide what to pick,
Maybe I’ll get pie,
Or even a licorice stick.

Aha! I got it,
A sandwich I shall buy,
And maybe a chicken thigh.

Yum. I would say, As I stared at my food,
But eating you would make me feel so rude.

But who cares, you’re supposed to be eaten.
So here I go, I’m about to begin.

Chomp, chomp, and swallow,
I took my first bite.
I gave a little smile, I held on tight.

This sandwich is yummy, was all I said,
This is better than the Chinese buffet

Oh wait, I though, I abandoned my drinks
I left it at the store, oh man this stinks.

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