grandpa !!

May 27, 2011
By , spokane valley, WA

Where are you when I need a shoulder?
Where are you so I can tell you to run?
Why can’t you live longer to?
Be the best friend I can
Always have …
Why can’t you be the one to tell?
My mom its okay
Why you be dead when I can have the only best friend I need
Why cant I be the one to give you something you can’t have ?

That you weren’t aloud to have
Why can’t I tell you how much I love you without crying?
The reason I cry when I see your grave because I believe that
You are in a better place and are not suffering
When mom said you were gone I thought you were at work
Not in the ground I remember every bit when they say I
Gave you what you where not allowed to have
Who am I going to run to when it is thundering?
Why not be best friend and you still are even though
And I still want to cry cause grandma has a picture of you and
It kills when I see you in the cow boy hat
And yet I still yet you are the only best friend I had!!

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