High School Playland

December 7, 2007
The Carousel
You look welcoming and safe
As I walk up to the colors that frame your face
Your inviting eyes blend in with high pitched melodies that surround us.
The actions you portray are immature,
Despite your put-together exterior.
Judging and contradicting before you know the real story,
Deception is your favorite game.
You put on fake smiles,
Afraid of ruining your perfect, blissful reputation and image.
When I turn my back to you,
Words filled with hate escape from your mouth,
As you turn around from person to person
Looking for an open ear:
Someone to listen to your repetitive songs.
I can see right through the smiles and vibrant colors.
Your childish ways wont get you anywhere.
Eventually, you will break down and everyone will see through
The act that you play.

The Rollercoaster
You take me on a journey
Going from extreme highs to
Extreme lows
When I’m around you
The ground beneath my feet is unstable
You twist and turn
Manipulating the riders
To feel certain emotions
Joy and ecstasy
Exhilaration yet fear
Although your tracks are stable
You are anything but.
While I’m riding you
I’m in constant fear
All I want is to get off

The Playground
You stand sturdy and strong as you are introduced to different types of people
Judging words are never spoken by you
You accept everyone.
You welcome all.
Safe and reliable are some of your qualities
Everyone knows that you wont break.
And when you do, your colors shine through –
Hiding the cracks and scratches you may be dealing with
Trustworthy and entertaining
You seem to be everywhere one goes.
You stand – waiting to help the outcasts
Or simply the ones who just need a strong foundation to lean on
You are unique, energetic, and enthusiastic.
The many qualities that make you who you are,
Inspire people to change
With hopes of one day becoming as trustworthy as you are.

The Hellavator
One minute we’re on the ground
And Stable
And then the next minute we’re flying through the air
You’re sudden and unexpected
You’re high energy leaves me reeling
Wanting more
I crave the rush of power
I feel when I’m with you
But like any ride
To much of you causes me to grow weary
Needing a break,
I often abandon you for calmer
More reliable rides
While you stay there impatiently waiting
For the next head rush.

The House of Horrors
Every turn is different with you,
You surprise others constantly in ways that are inadequate
Your schemes and plans are hurtful, but you swear that
Its all in good fun.
It isn’t.
It hurts when I am blamed for events I cannot control
Your words cut like knives
While your surprising actions scare me
Without hesitation, you are cruel to people
You pay no attention to the feelings of others
Every side of you is different, but all for the worse
Complex and confusing, you are hard to read
Every move you make
Is one to make others feel bad
I hope, one day, you drown
In your own judgmental accusations

The Swings
To the untrained eye you are meek
And gentle
Your candy coloured arms
Drawing me in every time
But once I am seated
Strapped in and ready to go,
Your candy coating fades
And I am left with only your cruel
And overpowering reality
We begin to spin,
Faster and faster
No longer fun, you cause me to feel sick
I close my eyes trying to catch my breath
But every time I feel a calm coming closer
You speed up.
I end up having to abandon all control.
Finally when the ride stops
I wobble back to safety
Careful not to look back at you
Because I know one glance,
And you’ll draw me right back in.

The Arcade Games
You take and take
But never give
Eating my money and affection,
You revel in my attention
Every time I get close to winning
You rig the game so that I lose
You are soulless and plastic
Yet you are capable of taking over my life
You’ve done it many times before,
This is nothing new,
Your beauty and attraction will
Ultimately fade
Your days are numbered
Soon you’ll be seen for
The manipulating
Passing fancy that you are.

Bumper Cars
You seem harmless to the untrained eye
Your pretty lights and sparkling clothes hide what is hidden
Deep inside
But I’ve experienced the worst of you,
I’ve seen your deceitful ways
You come at me so fast
I am not prepared as you crash into me,
My emotions scattered on the ground
Before I can pick up the pieces you pound into me again
Your hurtful words crush me,
As I try to catch my breath
Everything is a blur as you betray me
I feel inferior to you
Desperately, I try to get away from your dangerous ways
But you bump into me again.
Again, and again.
My head throbs as your words cut through me
We were once close,
I trusted you.
You seemed so inviting and kind
I was mistaken
Your unpleasant actions make hating you so simple
But I do not hate.
I will pick up my pride, my dignity
Off of the scratched floor where you roam
And walk away
As you sink down in your seat

The Revelation
I sit down and buckle myself in
You’re harmless,
A safety net of metal keeping me securely in
Down on the ground I wait for the moment of truth
And then it happens
Your arm moves up
And I am flying
Sudden freeness,
A momentary flight
Soaring through the sky,
You make me feel like
I can do anything
You are encouraging and strong
While I’m riding
I close my eyes,
Soaking in the moment,
I never want to get off.

The Water Boat
I can’t help but yawn shamelessly when I’m with you.
You have no character,
No spark
The greatest mistakes that you make,
Are the risks that you do not take.
You stick to an uneventful track as life floats around you.
You complain about the emptiness in your life
And yet it’s impossible for you to take a chance.
Friends come and go,
You don’t put effort into the things that you love
Preferring to stand behind the crowd,
You are invisible to most
People stereotype you as snotty and rude
When really, you just don’t know what to say
Sarcastic remarks lighten up dark days,
But all in all you stand alone
You conform to others instead of shining as your own person
One day,
Some day,
You will wake up from the nightmare that you life
And ask yourself where your life went-
Doubts and regrets will take over you
As you realize that you haven’t really lived

The Rest Area
There are so few of you
I am always searching
But when I finally find you
My gaze focuses in and
All I feel is relief
You are gentle and kind
A place of sanctuary
My safe place,
You allow me to rest
And take a break from the high energy world
Just outside your doors
When I’m finally ready to face the noise
You allow me out the
Same way I came in
You give me so much
Never once asking me what
I’ll give you in return

Ferris Wheel
Every aspect of your personality is different,
You always give me a new perspective on who you are
You are exhilarating and wonderful,
Every experience with you is different
Full of adventure and joy, you make others around you thankful
Sometimes, you drop suddenly
Down into the crowd
I expect the worst when you are falling
But you, somehow, always pick yourself up again.
You are inspiring and care-free
I wait in long lines to get to you,
And when I do – I realize that it was worth the wait.
Luck has nothing to do with finding you,
It’s hard not to notice you
As you tower above the rest
I admire you
You shine in a way that no one else can

The Carney
Obnoxious and annoying,
Your voice cuts through even the loudest of sounds
Your bellowing voice over powers your face
You draw me in,
Enticing me with grand promises
None that you intend to keep
You’re a traveller,
Going from city to city,
Town to town
No home,
You must be lonely
My interest in you quickly fades,
The newest attraction catching my attention
As I turn to leave,
A shadow passes across your face
A momentary crack,
I see sadness
Quickly wiped away,
You plaster on your bubbly smile
I can only pity you
Like a clown,
You constantly have to paint on your face

The Food Court
You are what everyone needs in order to survive
Without you, people would be lost
Your reputation is spotless
You walk through life with confidence
When I am broken you are the first I think of
You are comforting and devoted
I know I can count on you
Your love for others is undeniable
You are reliable and trustworthy,
One in a million

Each ride is different,
Each ride unique
If one were missing
The experience wouldn’t be the same
But just like rides,
The people that make up high school
Have many sides
Each person,
Has there own experience
At times the rides are exhilarating
But in the same breath they can bring un-imaginable fear and pain
High school is a ride
It’s your choice which rides you want in your life
Choose carefully
Make your choice.

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