Willie Mae

May 14, 2011
By Jarodwright14 BRONZE, Simpsonville, South Carolina
Jarodwright14 BRONZE, Simpsonville, South Carolina
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Favorite Quote:
"Be happy to live life today because you don't know what tomorrow holds."- My grandma, Willie Mae

A lady with encouragement
Who loved everybody?
No matter what they did wrong
She is the lady that raised me

My grandmother, Willie Mae
Never talked about anybody in a appalling fashion
She didn’t care what you look like
She’d only care if you were right

Strong as a rock
That nobody could break
With the lord by her side
She had all the power she needed

To make it for life!
Sixty two years of living
She thought it was the best experience she’d ever had!
The Lord had ask her to carry redemption's plan

She lived life with bumps in the roadway
People telling her that she should just live and die
But she could afford that

She walked the path of life highway
She married a man to be with her for desperate need
Years have conceded for a while and as a grandmother
She knew it was time

To be a grandmother
Her husband had passed on out of existence
She was the only grandparent I’d ever had
I made the best time of it with her

She cooked the best Sunday dinners that nobody could ever envision
Oh how good was that piece of Heaven!
She was give me the advice that I need it when times were rough
She told me not to worry about anything

She only told me to pray
Pray hard and long for the Lord to hear the brightest beg
She said trouble isn’t going to be here ever day
How long?
Not long

She was a person that I could talk to
When I was in the deepest valley alone
There with me
She was all I needed to get by

Unfortunately, cancer had come
I watch horrifically through all of the pain!
Waiting for a sign
A sign of hope

A sign of peace
Getting weaker everyday
But never spiritually!
And she did not once complain

She knew it was an unambiguous reasoning
But for what though?
She knew her time was coming
That day

She told me she was dreaming
Dreaming like she had never had before
Traveling through our adventures together
Those days are over
Not over for that long

Looking at pictures
Made me look dreadful
Of all the wonderful times
Was a close

The day has come
Willie Mae
Come on
Its time my daughter

To say goodbye
She said she was ready
For a trip to the city of heaven
For there she could relax

And not to worry about what’s going to happen
She was at peace
No more, no more, no more sickness!

No more people talking about her
She had done what the lord had asked of her
For sixty two years
Sixty two is good enough

Well done my daughter
Well done
Go, go
Do what ever you desire

Keep your head up
Don’t worry about what people say
No matter their beliefs

Because you are worth it
To make it through life
Cross the bridges of life
And when you come home

I’ll be waiting
Waiting for a hug and a kiss
You will always be my grandson
I love you and I will see you soon

I love you too
I love you dearly
You mean a lot to me
Grandma Willie Mae.

Willie Mae Wofford


The author's comments:
I decided to write this poem for my grandmother who passed of cancer last year in June. I wrote it for love most importantly. She was a very inspiring, and an courageous christian lady and a friend and I miss her dearly. Not only a friend,she also my mother in many ways. She meant a lot to me first of all. She would do many things for me such as pick me up from school everyday and I feel grateful that I didn't have to wait long or walk home. She was a person that I could count on for advice. We had a strong bond for each other. I love talking with her and to see what she had to say. I watched her struggle with cancer but during those times, she did her absolute best to make it through. Doctors were amazed by her strength and faith during her final journey. I prayed and prayed to the Lord everyday asking if he would just heal my grandmother someway because I just couldn't see her suffer like that. I wanted the Lord to free her from the cancer. Even if it meant leaving to go be with him. When she had cancer, she told me to take care of myself and do what I have to do so that I don't have to suffer like the way she did. However, she's with God know and I know she's not suffering because she is celebrating and living it up in Heaven! Yeah, I miss her, but I'm just relieved that she is no longer suffering. I want people to know that if they are facing a similar situation, I want to let them know its okay to feel however you feel. I want people to know that death isn't easy but in a situation like this, death may be the solution to fix the problem. Maybe something to thank about when reading the poem is to give flowers to our mothers and grandmothers while they are living, because its too late when they pass and you may have to wait awhile. If anybody has grandparents that are still living and they are going through a similar situation like my grandmother, I advised that you suggest giving them flowers. This poem has effect me in many ways and has made me thought about all the memories and I decided to write this also to keep the torch lit for her. I know that if she was here today, I could only imagine how proud she would be at her grandson to see how far I've come and she may now know that her grandson is very talented any that they may be more to come. I've know that I come this far by faith and I know that by anybody just taking time and the acknowledgment to read this that they too can come far by faith, but that only comes by keeping the faith and believing.

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