save a life

December 7, 2007
By TeraLie jones, Lowell, OR

you can see her tears,

you can see her cry.

but what you dont see,
is that she may die.

not only of heartbreak,
but of her soon to be broken veins.

you cant see everyone who is broken,
they say that they are fine.

but what you cant always belive,
is their every line.

no matter how emotional,
there will always be tears.

some can be seen with pain,
some come with their fears.

but no matter how broken,
no matter how far.

there is always a story,
behind every kind of scar.

the deeper they get,
the longer the cut.

so stop not beliving,
ignoring. no matter how they are.

if you listen real close, they begin to tell a story,

a story of how beliving
may have saved the life of a cutter.

the life of a person
who's scars show more than a mutter.

you may see her tears,
you may see her cry.

but what you do not see,
is that you may have saved a life.

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