Happiness Door

May 20, 2011
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The door slams, blocking her way,
To her dreams and more.
Her hopes for the future, blown away,
Grief had replaced her happiness door.

Every plan, every thought,
She had planned for this.
But fate decided,
And she felt as though rejected,
As she is thrown out from the path she chose.

She speaks not a word nor hears a sound;
She merely gazes at the door as it grows more distant.
Her life fell apart and she thought herself worthless,
As the last glimpse of the door disappeared in an instant.

She felt lost, desperate, and frightened,
Frightened at what would happen next.
Wandering aimlessly in the dark,
Searching for her ideal future, dwelling in her thoughts of loss,
Reaching where the door remains had once marked.

Her future grows farther away from her,
But she does not take notice,
For her mind and soul is bound to the door,
That held her wish the longest.

She walks and walks,
Now lost forever,
Still hoping for the happiness door to come.
But if she had by chance,
Accepted the loss and moved on,
Behind her would have been and still is for her,
A door of new happiness and,
Something that could have helped her wishes comes true.
If only, if only, she hadn’t mourn for,
Her first

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