December 6, 2007
By Axton Crolley, Bamberg, SC

Can't you remember?
It seems only seconds ago I was whispering to myself, praying there was a way for you to not despise me.
Or even before,
Do you remember?
When you were just words on a screen,
But marvelous words at that.
I had never become so attached to something I had never seen.
Even now I find myself surprised.
For, even through the darkest of nights,
your tears as well as mine,
have ambered.
They have hardened, along with us both.
They are now a memory attached to something so pure, it has at least a shot of perfection.
I am the young one in this, but I only hope it seems like you're just beginning half as much to you as it does to me.
I hope you're smiling.
Right now.
The rest of your life.
I only can hope,
when we are old and grey.
That you will from time to time,
stumble over these thoughts,
And remember.
If nothing more,
Could I become a memory that you can smile on?
Because God, do your smiles bring so much happiness.
I swear, they could stop a star from falling.
And I think they have,
if not, then truly me at least.
I love you.
Those words mean so much now.
They may not come as often as I would like them to.
But they mean so much more than you know.
I hope, someday you will know.

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