December 6, 2007
Stress is my uninvited addiction
I wish my stress were only fiction
My full captivation is my enemies’ satisfaction
As it grips a hold of me I fight back desperately
I stare at my adversary with icy eyes bitterly
My arms are weak from this fight tonight
I feel as if I will never see the heat of daylight
My bones are worn
My heart is torn
My confidence is depleted
My enemy’s goal is completed
Now you see stress is an easy prediction
Stress is my uninvited addiction

Lord get rid of this addiction
And make my stress only fiction
Hold me close
Hold me still
All I really want to do is kneel
Keep me near
Make everything clear
Grasp my hand
And keep me out of this forbidden land
Grasp my life
And keep me out of this stressful strife
Destroy this infection
And make yourself my addiction

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