Right Around the Corner

May 19, 2011
Right Around the Corner

Summer’s right around the corner
And the days are getting warmer.
The sun is up longer
The smell of chlorine is getting stronger.
My parents will let me stay out,
But I have to manage my time.
I want to be out late,
But I work tomorrow at nine.
Go to the pool, lay in the sun, and get tan,
Sun’s so hot I wish I had a fan.
No more stress for the test
Because there’s no need to cram
Drink pop and eat unhealthy, do everything I can
To get the upper hand,
This is the life, man.
I won’t be inside because I’ll always go out
Class of 2012, we’ll go out with a shout.
So summer is right around the corner
The days are getting warmer
The sun is up longer
And the smell of chlorine is getting even stronger.

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