My Grandma

December 6, 2007
I still can’t believe that you’re gone;
I can’t believe it’s been this long.
I know I will miss you more and more every year.
Now everyone, especially me desperately wants you back here.
You were fun because you always bought me a toy.
So I can have something to enjoy.
You affected my families’ lives and many more.
Without you around it’s such a bore.
I hope that when I die, I am with you,
So we can talk about everything we’ve been through.
From School, to the beach, or shopping at the mall,
I’m sure that you miss our every week phone call.

When you left, everyone cried.
We couldn’t believe that you had died.
Everyone around was very hurt,
It was like all our faces were pushed into the dirt.
Everyday I think about you,
I know you are watching over me too.
When we saw you smile it brightened our day.
I just wish you were here to stay.

We’ve been through it all.
Through thick and thin,
You’ve helped me become
The person that I’ve been.
Memories that I will always cherish and remember
Just like visiting you every December.
Going to your house was always a blast.
And it brings back memories from our past.
So many amazing times between you and me,
I really miss them as you can see.
I miss you dearly and think of you everyday.
Hopefully, I’ll meet up with you in heaven someday.

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