That night

December 6, 2007
By cynthia wraggs, Rolla, MO

That night when you first touched me
every thing just felt so right
you made feel so comfortable
your touch was soft and light.

I knew you was the one
from the time that we first met
you made me feel so good
the best that I've felt yet.

We went out and we dated
we always had a great time
my heart and soul was yours
and your heart and soul was mine.

We've been together for so long
as happy as can be
then you bent down on one knee
and said, "will you marry me."

I said, "yes" that i would
then you hugged me really tight
it made me feel so good
like when we touched that first night.

That night finally came
where we exchanged vows and said, "I do"
you pleaged your heart to me
and I pleaged my heart to you.

Our lives were filled with joy
and now we have a kid
not having you in my life
is like a jar without a lid.

A few years later there's something wrong
we'll never be the same
we found out that you have cancer
and none of us is to blame.

Now you're on your death bed
me and the baby love you so much
I promise I won't forget your smile
and never forget your touch.

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