May 26, 2011
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I scare you, don''t I?
Make you uncomfortable?
My sharp, piercing gaze makes you squirm,
My destructive ways hurt you,
But your ignorance hurts me even more.
I''ve changed, evolved,
Didn''t you notice anything?
Didn''t you know?

We fight relentlessly,
You complain about everything,
Every step I take, every breath I breathe,
With your blackmails and manipulative ways
Show me how huge a dissapointment I am,
You crush my hopes, my joys,
Expect my sympathy, after that,
Expect a sign of weakness from me,
Try to enslave me under your pathetic superiority,
I just listen, day after day,
I yell, I shout, I scream, then I''m silent
Storm raging inside my head,
But I won''t give in.
I scare you so much,
You''ve tried to tuck me-
In a beautiful square box,
But I just don''t fit in.

Don''t touch me now,
Don''t you dare touch me,
Or try to soothe me, pretending you care,
Don''t you dare try to love me.
I know you don''t, because,
I won''t be that beautiful-
Little princess for you,
Face coated in three layers of makeup,
Sparkling tiara, Cinderalla shoes,
Magical as it may sound to you,
I won''t be that dream,
I won''t be your plastic doll
To be sold off to a heartless king.
I scare you don''t I?
My ways are not acceptable,
Can''t put me in that picture perfect frame,
I just don''t fit in, it''s impossible.

I like my secrets, the quietness,
Like fighting my own wars,
The clothes I wear are for me only,
For my own convinience
I''ve evolved, changed,
Didn''t you notice?
When those shiny shoes and fluffy dresses,
That you had put on so carefully,
Disappeared, to be replaced,
With faded jeans and torn sneakers,
The pony tails became short messy hair,
I was evolving,
They were the symbols of my defiance.

I''m this era''s revolution,
Part of the old genre of evolved creations
Too late now, Can''t change me,
That tight square box can''t hold me,
I''m sporting wings, now
Try as much as you want, go ahead, push me,
I just won''t fit in

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