Deep Down

May 26, 2011
By Madeline Grimm BRONZE, Stewartville, Minnesota
Madeline Grimm BRONZE, Stewartville, Minnesota
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What would it be like to drown?
Would you be able to blink
As you go down, down, down?
What would you think?

Would panic freeze your body
Or would the water relax you?
Would you think of somebody
As you fall into the blue?

Would you feel the cold
Or would the water numb you?
Had you felt rather bold
Hoping to see something new?

Did you dive into the deep
To enjoy the view?
Now you can’t make a peep
As the water swallows you.

Did you fight for your life
Or did you just wait?
Who will help you in your strife?
Who will determine your fate?

Your lungs will ache
And your fingers will freeze.
Will you ever awake?
Will you ever see the trees?

Do you watch the fish closely?
Will you ever hear a sound?
You look around morosely
As you hear your heart pound.

You wake up from this nightmare.
You smile and look down.
You feel as light as air.
What would it be like to drown?

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