Who am I?

December 6, 2007
By robyn bushman, Aurora, CO

who am i?
i am the girl next to you.
the one you don't see.
i am the one who will be there for years, and yet, you don't see.
i'm the one who after 10 years you will say,
where have you been all this time?
i will say.
beside you, behind you, in front, with you.
you didn't see. to bad.

who am i?
i am the forest.
strong, through it all.
i am the hurricane,
emotions a strong gale.
i am the land,
solid and unchanging.
i am the dormant volcano,
true self hidden from everyone.

who am i? i am the one who will stay true to the end.
the one you can count on.
i am the foundation stone.
there to catch you when you fall.
i am your friend.

who am i?
i'm the girl with the broken heart.
the one who could be crushed, so made a wall.
i am the one who will give you all that you ask in return for one thing.
i want you.
break my heart and you will pay.
you will regret it for the rest of your life.
you will look over your shoulder for the rest of your life.
don't hurt me.

this is basically who i am.
not really
there's more.
but i don't know how to say it.
this is who i am.

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