The Perfect One

May 27, 2011
By jorie simon BRONZE, Overland Park, Kansas
jorie simon BRONZE, Overland Park, Kansas
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I'm sorry I'm a failure
I'm sorry I even try
I'm sorry I come across as dramatic
When I sometimes cry.

I'm sorry you won't accept my best
I'm sorry its not enough.
Maybe soon you'll realize
That life for me is tough.

I'm sorry I'm not successful
Or as great as your two boys.
I'm sorry my accomplishments aren't as great
And that I'm always a loud noise.

I'm sorry that the things I do are always miniscule.
I'm sorry I waste my time so much.
I'm sorry I'm a young fool.

I'm sorry that I'm spoiled.
I'm sorry I'm a brat.
I'm sorry I spend money.
I'm sorry I'm so fat.

I'm sorry I'm "always the victim"
I'm sorry its "never my fault"
I'm sorry I "don't assume responsibility"
I'm sorry I put your life on halt.

I'm sorry I can't be smarter
I'm sorry I can't be a success.
I'm sorry I'm expensive.
I'm sorry I'm a mess.

I'm sorry I'm a slob.
I'm sorry I might throw a fuss.
I'm sorry I can be cranky.
I'm sorry that I cuss.

But most of all I'm sorry for not being enough for you.
After all, you do so much for me,
what do I do for you?

I'm sorry, Mom and Dad, for all the wrongs I've done. hopefully you'll be proud of me someday and I'll be
"The Perfect One."

The author's comments:
After fighting with my parents one night and crying til my eyes ran out of tears, I came up with this.
I know I'm not the only one that ever feels this way. <3

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