Having a Ball

May 26, 2011
Nothing to do

But to stay in my place
Surrounded by soft cotton

Rubbing against my round body
The day as silent as the night’s air

Looming me to a restless sleep

Catches my eye
A disruption to my perfect day

Awareness surges throughout my body
Overwhelming my thoughts

A swift movement of the curtints
Directs my attention toward the window

A flicker
Of motion

Puts me into an ultimate danger
My enemy, sensing my knowing,

Stalks toward my sanctuary
Forcing my thoughts

In the direction of my fate
Without thinking

My predator launches himself across the room
Creeping closer with fierce movements

Reaching for success
He enables to grasp a bit of myself

In his malevolence hold
Myself in his embrace
Wrapping, enfolding, enveloping

Like a snare that entraps their prey
I try to escape

Imprisoned behind bars
Never going to be situated

In my cozy reverie once more

Hands clasp around my deformed body
Twirling the remnants back into shape

My former enemy
Now curling around in happiness

Sits below me
With no remembrance

Of what had just happened

Safely in my little snug habitation
I scan the room

Where my almost-deadly fight
Had taken place

As I fall into a deep sleep
I think

My typical perfect day
As beloved yarn

Had just begun
And is going to start up again in about an hour

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Oct. 26, 2012 at 6:49 am
michiganalliance51 said...
Sept. 12, 2011 at 10:04 pm
Good work Claire haha Awesome, Eric
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