Ode to Winter

May 26, 2011
Oh how I love winter
The fresh fluffy snow
Scattered across the earth floor
Tempting me to jump into it
The new flakes
Falling from the Heavens above
With a hint of a godly sense
Beneath the surface

Oh how I love winter
Sliding and skating
Transversely on the ice
Of a frozen pond
But only to tumble onto my butt
When I accidentally trip over
A slushy section of the ice

Oh how I love winter
The warm sensation of hot chocolate
Flowing down my throat
Filling me up with its sweetness
Mushy Marshmallows
Explode in my mouth
Chewing its sugars away

Oh how I love winter
Its peaceful greeting
To a new season ahead
Is nothing like fall or summer
With its abnormal subsistence

Oh how I love winter
Only when its season is strong
Do I love it most
But when it is over
I crawl into my shell
Hiding away
From the melting world outside

Oh how I hate winter
The yearning for it to come back
But to wait
Through three whole seasons
For it to return
Back to its home sweet home
Where it belongs

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