Related Terror

May 26, 2011
By Anonymous

Long after midnight, I came out of a party with my family, we were walking home because we lived so close, this drunk guy was following us. We started walking fast but he kept on following us.
We were freaking out because we didn?t know who it was. The guy who was following us was trying to talk to us and he was laughing alone. My mom was telling me to hurry so I did and we were almost home. When we got home and the guy went up and knocked on the door. It was dark outside, we couldn?t see who it was.
My mom opened the door because she wanted to know who it was. As she opened the door she found out it was my uncle coming home from the party. We were all terrified.
Since then I don?t want to go walking home alone in the night. I learned that there could be related terrors about.

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