Empire State Dreaming

December 6, 2007
Take my hand
You’ll find that it fits nicely in yours
We’ll hop the 2 o’clock train
And declare ourselves King and Queen
of New York City
We’ll wear our sunglasses at night
Eat ice cream for breakfast
And pretend that every day
Is Christmas morning
We can turn our dreams into things
They sell on street corners
And write down our wishes on little pieces of paper
Scatter them about in a park somewhere
Then hide behind a tree and wait for someone
To pick them up, read them, and make them come true
We’ll paint the streets Technicolor
In a land that is anything but black and white
We’ll jump onstage at the Metropolitan Opera House
Sing off-key
And laugh at the reaction of high society
We’ll tame that city that never sleeps
Pretend that we’re in love
And live out an epic cinematic tale
Illustrated nicely on a
Fifty-foot billboard
In the middle of Times Square
All of this and more
balled up in the
Souvenir snow globe
Of my imagination
Let us walk down the streets of our great city
Holding hands, laughing, pretending the entire world fits in our coat pockets
At least for a little while
We can frolic through
That sprawling urban jungle we call home
For the city lights stand no chance
Against your smile

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