"Ode to My Precious Chocolate"

May 26, 2011
By emresa1.3 BRONZE, Brighton, Michigan
emresa1.3 BRONZE, Brighton, Michigan
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Smooth, glossy chocolate slides down my
Satisfied throat
My taste buds jump with joy
My stomach demands me to stop
Eating this delicious substance
But shouts in my head tell me to keep stuffing
The angelic treats into my gleeful mouth

Someone once asked me
Why do you think heaven was made?
I answered with my truthful opinion
One day
God carved chocolate
With his holy hands
Into a precious, brown bar
Of deliciousness
This was how the mighty Lord
Developed ideas to create
The glorious heaven

In heaven
Chocolate fountains
Feed and quench the poor
Tasting like no other foods
Were meant to be eaten
That, my friend
Is how heaven was made
That is how chocolate and heaven
Were combined into one
Holy nation

I think back to my response
And think again…
I was perfectly right
But maybe
I will tell the kid next time
Came down upon earth
Raining cats and dogs
From the heaven’s clouds

Gives me a unique mind
As its smooth, glossy surface slides down my
Satisfied throat

The author's comments:
"Chocolate IS my inspiration"

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