December 6, 2007
These memories I savor
Of the slowly fading past
Stick in my mind so shrewdly now
Though they will never last
Lest I write them down on paper
And then stow the sheet away
For when next I feel like sifting
Through the stuff of distant days.

Some memories I value now
Will soon distort and fade
The color lost, the feeling gone
The edges worn and frayed.
Forgetfulness will plague us all;
We have but just one mind
In which to store the moments
Chance and feeling intertwined.

Why is it that I'm cursed so
With the ravages of time?
Why must the sweetness of the past
So soon escape my mind?
I know I can't help but forget
Each everywhere I've been-
I'll try to salvage what I can
With paper, and with pen.

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