Life at Camp

May 26, 2011
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"The waiting townsfolk fumed and fussed,"
As we were all in such a rush,
We knew the SS were coming,
Cause we heard their train motors humming,
They took all our valuables and rings,
And told us to gather our things,
We then boarded their very cramped train,
And traveled off into the cold rain.

At first we were content and thought this was OK,
But we later found out that we would all have to pay,
They then divided us up, either boy or girl,
And then our whole world went up in a swirl,
The rations were small and the work was grueling,
And if you talk back you would surely be hurting,
Now this life probably seems really bad,
But this is the life that all us Jews had.

After the years and all the casualties and death,
We still work all day, there's no time to catch you breath,
If you're late to role call you will be beat,
And then left to lie there in the dry heat,
We wait in hope for this brutal war to end,
We hope the Allies win, that's what we recommend,
We all regret not rebelling, the day we got on that train,
Now we just hope we will see our family and friends again.

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