Under The Moon Among My Stars

December 6, 2007
By erika baker, Fort Wayne, IN

Laying on the halfpipe illuminated
by the big beaming moon
surrounded by friends
on rushing stars we wish
for love, friendship, and peace.
or even just selfworth

Laying there you feel your worth
seeing faces of friends illuminated
throughout the darkness the feeling is peace
laying, pondering under the moon
regressing to make a wish
you remember times with friends

old and new friends
antisocialism would be worth-
less than the comradry of people who wish
on stars with our faces illuminated
the best of friends laying under that moon
all feeling the night of peace

calmed by the peace-
fullness of a group of friends
laying on the halfpipe under a cresecnt moon
feeling the trip had much worth
the skatepark was illuminated
by the stars on which we wish

staying at the retreat is wish-
ful thinking to continue this tranquility and peace
our moods had become illuminated
spending time with friends
as we lay under the moon

under the moon
light shone as we each made a wish
to never go home and feel worth-
less and wander from the peace
that surrounds me and my friends
as we lay on the halfpipe under the moon

we were illuminated by the moon
encircled by friends as we make each wish
over the weekend we found peace and selfworth.

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