December 6, 2007
By Nicole Mellion, New City, NY

There once was a Princess named FiFi
With a wild garden so leafy
The plants would eat people
For they weren’t so simple
And they loved their people beefy.

FiFi loved her plant’s style
She then decided to bring some down the isle
When she got to the alter
There was quite a falter
For the plant ate the groomsman named Kyle.

Now FiFi had no one but her plants
And for love she then began chants
She went to a witch gypsy
Who was quite more then tipsy
Who went on in meaningless rants.

The princess left her palace
And fired her maid name Alice
She fled to the woods
Leaving all of her goods
Including her gold plated malice.

Now FiFi was the jungle queen
Her best friend now being a bean
She hunted and gathered
With berries she lathered
In her new world surrounded by green.

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