Her Prince Charming

December 5, 2007
By arieana croom, Los Alamitos, CA

She is the one everyone loves,
And the one no one dared to shove.
She was the prettiest girl in the room,
And every guy wanted to be her groom.

She had glass slippers for a grand ball
But the one she loved
didnt show up at all.

She was so sad she ran away,
This news was hot, but i began to sway.
She sat on a bench and started to cry
and all of a sudden
Her prince charming walked by.

She yelled at him to please wait,
But he said he had to go on a date.
So she went back to her house,
And walked in with this raggedy blouse.

Everything went back to how it was,
And she realized she missed him now even more.

She tried to hide all her grief and pain
And saw at home she had nothing to gain.
She got a loud knock on her door one night.
And it gave her a startling fright.

She opened the door to see who it was,
It happened to be her prince charming she was thinking of.

He said her always loved her,
But didnt know what to say,
He said that destiny led him her way.

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