Cotton Candy Kiss

December 5, 2007
Ruffling up, the setting sun casts cherry pink streams of light across a horizon of fluffy clouds.
One moment you are watching the sky fly past your window, the next, you are walking on the billowing floor.
Wandering aimlessly confused and lost; a soft touch to the hand and a friendly smile makes the walk meaningful.
Next to you walks the sweetheart you’ve always dreamed of, matching your steps straight into the peach colored fluff.
You slow your walk, turning to the one you adore and kissing him passionately.
His lips taste like cotton candy.
A sudden flash of light and you are falling holding onto his hand for dear life.
The cotton candy kiss is broken but your bodies are pulled close as you embrace for the fall.
Downward through the mist, below you can see flames rising as if to be waiting to engulf the both of you.
You think to yourself how glad you are to be able to spend your last moments with you true love and wish that your time with him would never end.
Just as the flames begin to grab you, you stop falling.
You are back watching the scene, flashes of light all around.

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