A Message

December 5, 2007
Wandering through dark streets at night,
Wondering what is to become of my life.
Ever since my best friend died
I couldn’t bring myself to look at the light.

Would I ever be able to smile?
Could I still hear the stars talking again?
Will I stop crying the flood of tears at night?
What is to become of my life?

I keep walking on and on,
Till I stumble across an old rose bush,
The one we planted 5 summers ago, together.
As I reach out to caress the petals I hear…

A reassuring voice Shhhh… shhhh… It seems to say
As the wind blows, my hand bumps against the thorn
The blood flows down my wrists, red as the roses
And I remember his final words.

No matter how much you hurt, no matter how much you cry
You know it won’t bring me back, for I shall die.
Reflecting upon these true words I realize,
I have been missing something all along

The old playground with the hollowed tree
I check inside and sure enough,
There’s a letter bearing my name
One that answers all my fears and almost puts me into tears

It leaves my heart beating like a dream
And it pounds into my ears
A great earthquake has occurred.
Or so it seemed

I clutched the letter to my chest, head dizzy with relief
For even in death, he remembered me.
Although our worlds are now eons apart,
He still managed to deliver his message across.

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