Wishing Well

December 5, 2007
By Alexandria Patrick, Lawrenceburg, KY

He will stay in my mind,
throughout the years.
But that will fade,
Just as a beautiful white rose
shrivels and crumbles to pieces.

I cannot leave him in the cold,
for he might die unhappy,
But a fact
Is that he won't die old.

I cannot withstand this aching pain,
On the inside and out.
For if I go I will drop pain on his shoulders.
But if I stay I will surely go insane.
O can't let that happen,
By all means on earth, NO!

This is pushing me to my limits,
of heaven, earth, and hell.
I cannot take the pressure,
the temtatition.
And nothing can change this outcome,
not even the world's most beautiful wishing well.

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