So full of love

December 5, 2007
my Heart So Full of Love
Has Become a Long Lost Dove
Craving Its Fill
Rejected by the one

She snapped my neck and cut my throat
As simply as She could slip on her Coat
Heart Throb
My life Has been robbed

Best Friend and Girlfriend
A Handy Pair
One that erases your life
One that forces you to use your knife

Take One Heart or the Other
Breakup with me for unknown
My Heart has over grown
Tears Begging To Spill
My Heart so full of love

Spitting out its remnants unto the ground
There wasn’t a sound
A tear slipped
As they walked away holding hands their fingers flipped.

The World Turns Gray
Light Runs Away
Stars twinkle red
A Single Pencil Tip loaded with lead

my Right wrist extended
i am no longer offended
i fall to the ground
And there is no sound

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