December 5, 2007
By Jaslyn Oberoi, LaPlace, LA

The flashbacks are bolts of lightening sinking into my heart.
Those northeast mornings near the lake were the utmost start.
You and I were the best of friends, our jokes were the best.
I loved being around you, until I discovered you were a condescending mess.
We were together during those gorgeous lazy nights,
Fourth of July was the catalyst of our relationship embarking dazzling lights.
I miss you and think of you all the time,
Our memories aren’t sugar coated more like covered with grime.
A proper goodbye, is what we lacked,
Your prevailing ego was over jacked.
You used to get me through hard times a thousand miles away,
I can’t accept your hindrance now, when I know you have so much to say.
Open your heart and tell me how you feel,
The fairy-tale promise ended up not being real.

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